Friday, May 25, 2012

Lazy hazy friday..........

flowers from the garden
my kitchen
summer flowers
My lane with elder flower and cow parsley
The sun is high in the sky. The kids are splashing in the paddling pool. The dogs,chickens, ducks and the piggies Willow and Pixie are making beds for themselves in the banks of lacey cow parsley that line the lane, it is glorious and as it is Ireland, we Irish make the most of it, so we are off to the lake with our little vintage caravan........

The view from my cottage

Have a lovely weekend I hope the sun is shining in your little corner of the world......


  1. It all looks..and sounds..idylic!
    Have a lovely time with your caravan. :0)

  2. You create such charm, Denise. It's always a pleasure to see corners of your house, and we'd love to see more.

  3. What a lovely view from your window. Your house looks super lovely? There is so much cow parsley growing by the roadside at the moment, it makes my journey to work really pretty. I LOVe cow parsley :). Have a lovely time away this weekend xx

  4. Good morning beautiful Denise! Dear heart, I am so in love with your cottage. LOOK AT WHAT YOU GET TO LOOK AT! A WHITE HORSE????? I would be out there all day in my wellies to play with him!

    I am having a splendid day here in my cottage. It has rained every night this week and the gardens are lush and full. Be well, enjoy and REJOICE! Anita

  5. your photos are just beautiful!
    looks like you had a wonderful, relaxed weekend.

    i'm sure your garden must be lovely!

    have a great week ahead.
    p.s. i came across your site by accident and i just loved your blog!

  6. What a wonderful view to have from your cottage and a great place to sit and eat.

  7. Beautiful flowers, and I love the pink and green painted chairs in your kitchen. I am intrigued by your vintage caravan and am picturing a horse-drawn, flower covered gyspy caravan...your beautiful pictures are making my imagination run riot!

  8. How pretty it all looks, and the sunshine just makes everything better! I love the look of clouds of cow parsley too...your lane looks so lovely!
    Hope you had a gorgeous weekend!
    Helen x