Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Down by the Lake........

Hello we are back from the lake and stuck indoors with lots of rain but hopefully the sunshine will be back soon. My garden needs all this rain, must take some photos of my glorious peonies and lovely old roses next time...
Getting ready for bed

Gone fishing......
Lough Corrib

Little old caravan

All cosy

It was magical at the lake at night with a full moon shining on the calm water and a dark sky full of stars, the kids loved it cycling over to the little Island, fishing and swimming, isnt summer great!!!


  1. Wow, it looks absolutely amazing!!!
    So happy you had such a glorious time!
    Have a beautiful week!

  2. It's all so charming; what a magic touch you have for simple prettiness.

  3. Yep I agree,
    Lovely dropping in on you this morning!
    Loved the fab pictures.
    Maria x

  4. What an idylic spot!.....and I LOVE the caravan with all your pretty touches.
    Have a wonderful week. :0)

  5. Sweet Denise! Oh I was unable to get to the computer last night, so I missed the lake with you! :)

    But I saw that full moon over here on our side of the great pond and wasn't it magical? Seeing your little caravan and darling one all cozied up is a call to ENJOY THE SUMMER to the fullest. Yes, today is my last day of school and I am NOT going to rush into my classroom. I am done with most of my data entries and all that is left is stuffing the envelopes with report cards!!!!

    Have a lovely day and enjoy the memories of that fabulous lake! LOVE, Anita

  6. Your caravan looks like a lovely home from home. Glad you got good weather for your trip

  7. Your caravan looks so pretty and cosy with the lovely crochet blankets and flowery fabrics. Glad to hear you had a lovely time at the lake. Enjoy your week...hope the sun shines :)
    Helen x