Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer in the Countryside.......

Hello all I have been busy in the garden as you can see my roses and peonies are in bloom, I had a lucky escape yesterday evening, Pixie and Willow OUR NAUGHTY PIGS broke into my garden but luckily Kevin was watching a a Football match on tv with the door open and heard them and ran out before they destroyed everything, they will be getting no belly rubs for a day or so as punishment!!
Any gossip???
Lovely lupins 
My Garden

David Austin Rose James Galway
Love this obelisk
Pixie and Willow when little

Then had to rush Ben our saint bernard to the vets, he woke up yesterday morning with his whole head swollen and could not see anything, anyway it was an allergic reaction to a bee sting, poor thing, I looked ridiculous holding on to him with Rosies little Jack russell leash, then it snapped and he ran out of the vets luckily he had all his injections by then, as I panted after him, Life is never dull with animals!!!


  1. Oh poor Ben! That happened to our retriever when she was a puppy and her skin went all wrinkled up. Your garden is so pretty,I love your blue picket fence.I'm ooh-ing and aaah-ing at that pic of Pixie and Willow...too cute! :0)


    Oh dear, what a ZOO!!! teeeeheee.....those naughty little piggys, always getting into something! Another British friend has a pig that well, did some damage to some other animals...and that pig is not getting any more belly rubs!!!

    Your cottage, garden and animals are a see those ducks walking up your path, OH HOW MAGICAL.

    What a nice escape for my dearest on this raining day! Anita

  3. Your so lucky to be able to have animals. I dream of such a beauitful life, but I have to rent and am only allowed one cat at a 3000 security deposit. Count your blessings you have freedom to have the animals you love and a home of your own. Many of us will never know that type of joy.

  4. I loved reading through your blog! Seems life is never dull with the animals. I love your camper, too. How fun to be on the side of the lake.


  5. Hello,¨
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I haven't writtenfor ages as i have been mad busy lately. If you want to do a header, go on picmonkey. It is really easy and you can make a collage for your header. You can edit photos on it too, it is really good fun.
    I was excited to see the Marian Keyes book. i have no idea how I missed that! I love her. I must get it. I have adopted some of her phrases and occasionally refer to myself as a 'madzer.'
    Love your pics. I want to live in your house!
    Tracy xx

  6. Darling Denise!

    Thank you for visiting and commenting today! I was away all day tidying up this house. It was well neglected during the school year but now it is time to enjoy it being a little less cluttered!

    I just love these photos, especially of those cows. Oh how you must enjoy your life!! Be well! Anita

  7. Animals are as bad as children, You love them to bits but they still drive you mad. I'm down to 1 budgie now, he might be the smallest but he is still the bosss.

    Love your lupins.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. I'm so, so glad you were able to deter the piggies before they did too much damage :) they must have thought they were in heaven (or at least the best ever saladbar!)
    Beautiful, beautiful blooms Denise!!!

  9. Hello lovely Denise!

    I look at the pictures you are sharing with us and I think; how idyllic your garden looks. So, so picturebook pretty. I agree with Cookie Jar's comment above; we love our animals but they have the ability to annoy us rather a lot.