Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beautiful Bunting........

Bunting that I made to brighten up my kitchen.

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 I have 2 little ill people under duvets on the sofa watching scooby doo and enjoying the services of having their very own waitress, how things have changed when we were kids there was no day time TV, things like a new Judy or Bunty comic provided all the entertainment in those days, now I do not mention this to my 2 as they already think that I am a dinosaur.
So to occupy myself in the kitchen I have made some bunting with gingham and Cath kidston floral fabric.I just love bunting I would hang it everywhere if I could, but that would look like we were celebrating something everyday, oh well! In the summer I hang bunting in the trees above my wrought iron garden furniture, and I put it on the rose arches, I even tied it to our little caravan, on our first trip with her, the bunting flapped in the wind as we travelled the county roads to our holiday destination, drawing a few amused nods and cheery waves from bystanders!

This is bunting I made for Scarlett a friends new  baby.

So Have a lovely day and if you love bunting please let me know!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whiter than White...............

Today it is pouring rain, everything is grey outside, so I will be taking some bright and happy
looking fabric, and sitting at my sewing machine. I am going to make some cushion covers for
my little caravan, simple envelope cushions, I decided a while ago that life is too short for
driving myself mad with fiddly zips!

So on such a dreary grey day I am adding some bright fresh white

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bring me sunshine.......

We have a little caravan, we have had her for a year, and just stepping in her little door
makes me feel happy, I have painted all her woodwork inside and scrubbed her from head to toe,
made little floral and spotty curtains and reupholstered all the seating.
We had a few weekends way last year in her and the kids loved it, so I am really looking
forward to spring cleaning her for this years little adventures and as we are new to camping
there are alot of disasters and a lot of laughs too.

This is inside my little caravan

As you can see the colour scheme is red ,blue and hints of green, no would not be fair to Kevin

and Jack to have it all flowery and pink!

If you can tell me any camping tips that would be great, and if any one knows what paint

I can use on the caravans exterior, so I can paint a stripe of duck egg blue on her!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Making Whoopie..........................PIES!

Saturday morning, you will find me in the kitchen drooling over recipe books, today it is whoopie pies

Chocolate ones, My Kids call them giant Oreo cookies, so good with a glass of milk

How come my ones do not look as perfect as the pictures in the recipe books

This is the recipe I made


So enjoy your Saturday

If you have a recipe that is

amazing please let

me know I am always

excited with trying new and delicious goodies!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Cath Kidston = Love

My Cath Kidston Dab radio cost a fortune, and I cant get Dab here on the west coast

but it looks pretty!

This is a book bag I made for Issy last week it has a bunny on it.

My Dresser

My kitchen cupboard with Cath Kidston cups

My Kitchen window with a chickens rear end adding interest while I do the dishes..

Cath Kidstons designs are

a ray of sunshine

Doing the dishes

in this kitchen

would be no chore

Off to bed early

under a spotty eiderdown

and a good book

A special treat on a grey day

We are all going on a summer holiday.........

A cup of tea in a bright and cheery

CK tea cup with a cream bun...

Cath Kidston = LOVE LOVE LOVE

Do you love all these things too?

I would love to hear from you!

Best Wishes


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