Tuesday, January 10, 2012

French Lessons

Upstairs in the Barn http://www.appleblossombarn.com/ bedlinen TKmaxx

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Kate Forman
Kate Forman

I am sorting out my house, making plans, there is so much to do, I am finding myself drawn to all things french and when it comes to making a home beautiful, the French are leagues ahead so we could take French lessons.
Its funny how I like different styles in different rooms.
I love nostalgia and vintage in the Kitchen with Cath Kidston prints, open shelves with bright coloured floral enamel storage tins, but in the sitting room I love a more elegant french look, toile, soft grey, linen, all beautiful! Not a nintendo wii or a flat screen TV in sight, there would be a riot!


  1. What beautiful images, filled with everything that I love. I love the colour grey although I don't have a lot of grey in our house. Our daughter has painted everything grey in her home !!
    It sounds as if you are very busy sorting things out. You have such wonderful taste and your home must look lovely.
    Have a lovely week, Much love. XXXX

  2. Thank you for sharing these images - very pretty interiors! I wish I could live like that - the house, first of all, would need decluttering... Oh, well, we can always dream!

    P.S. Love your blog title.

  3. Good evening Denise! You are speaking my language here! In both design and general flair, French will always be my favorite. ENJOY! Anita

  4. I'm definitely a "different styles in different rooms" kind of gal too :) Very inspiring photos!

  5. Gorgeous rooms!!
    I'm the same way, I love so many different types of decor, I always have a hard time keeping my home decorated in just one style.
    It's difficult too when there is so much inspiration out there to tempt us!
    Hope your having a lovely week.

  6. Love the idea of getting rid of the telly and xbox, Think I will have to go live on my own for that to work. The french sure know how to do style.

  7. I so love those amazing Frenchmen! Pure joy in all these images. Hugs.

  8. Hi,
    I love all of your images!
    Do you mind me asking what the colour is on the slanted wall in the top picture? It is just what I am looking for, for my own bedroom!