Monday, January 23, 2012

Bring me sunshine.......

We have a little caravan, we have had her for a year, and just stepping in her little door
makes me feel happy, I have painted all her woodwork inside and scrubbed her from head to toe,
made little floral and spotty curtains and reupholstered all the seating.
We had a few weekends way last year in her and the kids loved it, so I am really looking
forward to spring cleaning her for this years little adventures and as we are new to camping
there are alot of disasters and a lot of laughs too.

This is inside my little caravan

As you can see the colour scheme is red ,blue and hints of green, no would not be fair to Kevin

and Jack to have it all flowery and pink!

If you can tell me any camping tips that would be great, and if any one knows what paint

I can use on the caravans exterior, so I can paint a stripe of duck egg blue on her!


  1. DENISE!!!!!!!! THIS IS SPECTACULAR!!!!! Do you know Kerrie from Sea Cottage? She has a sweet little trailer, as I call it, that she takes to the sea. YOU MUST HOOK UP WITH HER! I must dash over to her to give her the link to this. I know she will appreciate your BEAUTIFUL CARAVAN! Oh how I love Irish to you today! AND I love the idea of duck egg blue. Anita

  2. I just left a link for Kerrie, and I also went onto her other blog where she features THE NORA PEARL, her "caravan." You will enjoy it:

    Much love dear heart...Anita

  3. Your caravan is darling. I have a lifetime of camping experience. I grew up in a camping family and have been going since I was a baby. Then when I married and began having a family of my own, our holidays were always of camping. We tent camped for 18 yrs. I am an organized person so I used to keep everything in plastic bins, clean, and ready to go at a moments notice. Now that I have 'the Pearl' I can keep everything packed and clean in her. We are simple folks and we like to camp in traditional style. That means we eat canned soups, baked beans, raviolis, mac n cheese, grilled cheese and hotdogs. The only difference from when I was a kid is that I try to choose organic of these products which is not hard to do here in California. A simple stainless steel teapot is important, along with a good gas campstove, tea bags, instant coffee, individually bagged oatmeal. Now you have made me realize that I should do a post about this on my Nora Pearl blog! must haves~ lanterns, flashlights,towels,papertowels, paperplates, plasticware, tableclothes,clothesline with clothes pins, a pot for cooking soups, etc, a flat pan for frying bacon, cooking pancakes, grilled cheese, even hotdogs, and a skillet for cooking eggs, gallon size bottle water, lots of blankets, sock hats, wool socks, flipflops, sweatshirts, firewood...I will do a post about this and let you know and I will make it more organized so it can be helpful! Now about that spray paint- we used Interior/Exterior KRYLON in the color Blue Ocean Breeze #1512.

  4. When we were growing up all out holidays were in caravans. It was great. We saw most of the sites on the east and south of Ireland. My Husband or Boys have never stayed in a caravan. If it is not 4 stars my Husband will have nothing to do with it. I can't convince them they are missing out on a wonderful experience.

  5. YEAH!!!! YOu had already found Kerrie on Pinterest! WOW, Pinterest is a great traffic source; I have had more people visit my shop because of it! And I see that Kerrie came. Isn't her Nora Pearl just beautiful?

    Have a wonderful Tuesday, Denise! Anita