Thursday, June 28, 2012

Schools out for summer......

Holidays are here, kids had their last day on Monday, so they are delighted so am I but apprehensive too as many other Mummys are, it is a lonnnnnng holiday until September. We will fill it with camping jaunts, days out, rainy afternoons in the cinema,Country fetes, baking and make and do, oh and me moaning that the house is a pig sty and I can not hear myself think!!

Isabelle at the fair

Madeleine has had 2 new babies

Dottie with her new baby Obama ahem!

Pattys plum Oriental poppy so pretty

Rose climbing New Dawn 

Jack a very happy boy to be out of school

I have been very busy making lampshades and sourcing fabrics and trying different designs, so far my lampshade range which I will be selling will be Cath Kidston, Kate Forman, Cabbages and roses and Laura Ashley and any vintage fabric I can get my little mitts on. So this is what I have made so far, I will not put them in shop yet waiting on more fabrics but if you are interested in any of the following ones sure let me know, I would love to hear from you!!!

Cath Kidston

Cabbages and roses Constance raspberry linen

Cabbages and roses hatley raspberry

Cath Kidston

Laura Ashley

Clarke and Clarke with matching pom pom

Laura Ashley gingham with Duck egg pom pom
Take care


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer in the Countryside.......

Hello all I have been busy in the garden as you can see my roses and peonies are in bloom, I had a lucky escape yesterday evening, Pixie and Willow OUR NAUGHTY PIGS broke into my garden but luckily Kevin was watching a a Football match on tv with the door open and heard them and ran out before they destroyed everything, they will be getting no belly rubs for a day or so as punishment!!
Any gossip???
Lovely lupins 
My Garden

David Austin Rose James Galway
Love this obelisk
Pixie and Willow when little

Then had to rush Ben our saint bernard to the vets, he woke up yesterday morning with his whole head swollen and could not see anything, anyway it was an allergic reaction to a bee sting, poor thing, I looked ridiculous holding on to him with Rosies little Jack russell leash, then it snapped and he ran out of the vets luckily he had all his injections by then, as I panted after him, Life is never dull with animals!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Down by the Lake........

Hello we are back from the lake and stuck indoors with lots of rain but hopefully the sunshine will be back soon. My garden needs all this rain, must take some photos of my glorious peonies and lovely old roses next time...
Getting ready for bed

Gone fishing......
Lough Corrib

Little old caravan

All cosy

It was magical at the lake at night with a full moon shining on the calm water and a dark sky full of stars, the kids loved it cycling over to the little Island, fishing and swimming, isnt summer great!!!