Friday, December 7, 2012

Santa's naughty list.......

So sorry I been a very bad blogger recently I will be on Santa's NAUGHTY LIST I had better make improvements at once otherwise there will be nothing for me under the tree.

I have been busy doing my orders of Lampshades which I just love doing sending my lampshades all over the world it is a lovely feeling that someone somewhere might be tucked up on a sofa reading a book with one of my lampshades lit up beside them!

My Bedroom painted armoire and bed

I added decorative mouldings

painted radiator cabinet and mirror

Jessie asleep beside the wood burning stove

 I have made a few changes about the cottage lots of furniture make overs with Annie Sloan Chalk paints and waxes, My favourite colour is Paris Grey so lovely to use here is a peak at some of my work.
 I hope you are all enjoying getting ready for christmas,in our house the kids have sent their letters to Santa, I have started my mission of finding the perfect mince pie it is a tough job but someone has to do it YES I will soldier on.....

Oh before I go I had to share this, Isabelle and I had a lovely day out shopping in Dublin and we spotted this
cheeky sign outside a gorgeous shop it made me laugh!!!!
                                                          Have a lovely weekend

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Room to Inspire.......

Hello I do hope everyone is well?
We have had some really wonderful Autumnal days the last while
Sunny days with bright blue skies
crisp misty evenings with amber sunsets
then this morning is dull grey no not  nice grey like french grey
so I need to be inspired as I am off to the paint shop
so this afternoon you will find me collecting the children from school with paint in my hair no matter how
careful I am it always happens.....

So Have a lovely day I hope you enjoyed some of my favourite rooms...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Autumn in the Country

Hello all! I hope you are embracing Autumn it is probably my favourite season, my birthday is in this month,
 I love the sky at this time of year, the golden hazy sunsets with a bite in the evening air, it is a nostalgic month and so much so in the countryside.
The children have been filling up baskets in the ancient orchard in front of our cottage, Pixie and Willow the naughtiest pigs in the west are enjoying the wind fallen apples.

So it is evenings tucked up by the fire and I have to say I am loving Downton Abbey so gorgeous, all that upstairs downstairs glory on television. So all the best for now.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Business as usual

Yes the kids are back in school. September is here and we have had a lovely time this summer on the Spanish Island of  Mallorca. It was lovely to have some sunshine, relaxing in Puerto Pollensa such a pretty town by
the sea. So strange to have no wifi limited use of iphone and no laptop but it is really good to really switch off sometimes.

Isabelle in Mallorca

What little angels Jack and Isabelle anyway what gorgeous homes behind them

But back to reality now and thank you to all you lovely people who have 
ordered my Cabbages and roses lampshades and my Cath Kidston Lampshades, I will 
be adding more designs over the next few months.

Cath kidston spring bouquet

Isabelles room all tidy for now!!

So back to business it is!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mid Summer Madness...

Where is the time going? I have not a second to myself, blogging has been put on the back boiler, well it is the summer holidays and kids do not give you a minute, between entertaining them, feeding them, tidying up after them and then on top up that we all came down with a virus, phew!! But it is a glorious sunny day so I will leave you with a few pics of all the going on down the lane at Apple Blossom Barn....
Isabelle with a little friend
Lots of treats
A place to escape to..

My garden shed
All that table is missing is a glass of prosecco and a good book.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cabbages and roses

I am a huge fan of British Designer Christina Strutt's Cabbages and Roses and as you know I make bespoke Lampshades and using her fabrics is a pure joy so here are some Cabbages and Roses eye candy!!

Cabbages and Roses Raspberry Hatley

Cabbages and roses New Penny blue

Anyway have a lovely day where ever you are and I post my lampshades worldwide or just down the road so just drop me a line

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Schools out for summer......

Holidays are here, kids had their last day on Monday, so they are delighted so am I but apprehensive too as many other Mummys are, it is a lonnnnnng holiday until September. We will fill it with camping jaunts, days out, rainy afternoons in the cinema,Country fetes, baking and make and do, oh and me moaning that the house is a pig sty and I can not hear myself think!!

Isabelle at the fair

Madeleine has had 2 new babies

Dottie with her new baby Obama ahem!

Pattys plum Oriental poppy so pretty

Rose climbing New Dawn 

Jack a very happy boy to be out of school

I have been very busy making lampshades and sourcing fabrics and trying different designs, so far my lampshade range which I will be selling will be Cath Kidston, Kate Forman, Cabbages and roses and Laura Ashley and any vintage fabric I can get my little mitts on. So this is what I have made so far, I will not put them in shop yet waiting on more fabrics but if you are interested in any of the following ones sure let me know, I would love to hear from you!!!

Cath Kidston

Cabbages and roses Constance raspberry linen

Cabbages and roses hatley raspberry

Cath Kidston

Laura Ashley

Clarke and Clarke with matching pom pom

Laura Ashley gingham with Duck egg pom pom
Take care