Friday, July 27, 2012

Mid Summer Madness...

Where is the time going? I have not a second to myself, blogging has been put on the back boiler, well it is the summer holidays and kids do not give you a minute, between entertaining them, feeding them, tidying up after them and then on top up that we all came down with a virus, phew!! But it is a glorious sunny day so I will leave you with a few pics of all the going on down the lane at Apple Blossom Barn....
Isabelle with a little friend
Lots of treats
A place to escape to..

My garden shed
All that table is missing is a glass of prosecco and a good book.


  1. That is a very pretty garden shed!
    You do have the most lovely garden.I could happily spend all day there.
    Have a very happy weekend!
    Love Bellaboo XX

  2. Have now got serious -Aga, swing and summerhouse envy! Thanks for sharing your lovely home. Your little girl is adorable too! Xx

  3. Beautiful, everything looks so lovely, specially your lil girl, what a cutie
    Have a sweet weekend
    Karen x

  4. You have a lovely garden . Enjoyed the tour.

  5. Your little darling looks like she's in love with her sweet duckling. I so enjoyed seeing your lovely garden and your garden shed. Your swing is wonderful!!! I dream of a yard like yours with a rock wall and all.
    sending hugs from here...

  6. I have missed you so!

    Oh what a life my dear Denise, WHAT A LIFE YOU LEAD! Kids will grow up and move on, but they return just as the summer returns. Enjoy every little moment you can! WHAT A SWEET LITTLE DUCKLING!!! Your cottage is fantastic. ENJOY! Anita

  7. Your home is absolutely beautiful!!! What I wouldn't give for a little yard like yours with a swing like that. :)
    So glad your enjoying your summer!!~
    Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Just the prettiest of cottage gardens!!! Loving Ben ❤!!

    Glad you are all getting better, missed your posts, but know what you mean about the little people and time... and mine not so little these days!

    All the best Denise! X

  9. A little corner of paradise! Such joy to be found here. Can you hear a sigh of pleasure coming from across the sea?


  10. Hi,I love your garden its lovely and looks so peaceful and the swing looks like you should be sat there allday with a book.Love Jill xx

  11. Loved your pictures, how pretty your garden is! A perfect place to enjoy the summer time :)
    Helen x

  12. Hello and thanks for the lovely comment over at mine! I love your blog, it's so pretty. Kids don't give you much time in the holidays do they?! Your garden looks gorgeous, very peaceful and a lovely place to relax.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Lovely blog! The pics is cosy and Im sure be back ;-) Best reegards Caroline

  14. Hi Denise, Thank you so much for your lovely comment - will find you on Pinterest!! It's great to meet another Irish Blogger!!!! 'Apple Blossom Barn' it's such a beautiful name - and everything looks so beautiful. Your AGA, your garden and especially your lovely daughter all beautiful.


  15. Oh that sounds so lovely and you have such a beautiful home though not so good on he virus side.

    Take care

    Nina x

  16. Oooh I have just found your blog and I am in love. Such beautiful eye candy. I'd really love a go on that wee garden swing...sigh. I will be having a good read and look around. Just thought I'd say hi!

    Helen xx

  17. Everything looks so lovely over at your home....I spy the Miette book and I have mine in my kitchen too...xoxox

  18. Hello,
    I keep spotting the Miette book on blogs and flickr. I absolutely adore your Aga. Your home and blog are so beautiful, love! I hope everyone is well and you are all feeling more chipper! xxx

  19. Hello sweet Denise! I have missed your posting! I hope you are well! Anita

  20. Oh my gosh that swing is gorgeous... I want one to put in my back yard.