Friday, March 23, 2012

Country Cottages and flowers..........

A cottage is what comes to mind when you think of living in the countryside whether it is a pretty cottage in a coastal village in Cornwall
a stunning thatched cottage in Brittany, France or here in Ireland.

Our cottage is warm and comforting in the chilly months of winter and then in the summer it is cool and airy. I have half doors, these are great for letting a lovely warm summer breeze through the house but naughty chickens and nosey ducks can not wander in!

Spring in my garden

My thatched cottage and my naughty chickens

Monday, March 12, 2012

St Patricks Week......

Lots of baking and making things look pretty.....

A bedroom in the barn a really sunny room.

My collection of hearts
A Cabbages and Roses cushion I made I love blue floral fabric
I will need plenty of little treats, one of my favourite cups and oilcloth.
This is a busy time of year for us as the holiday season in Apple Blossom Barn really begins with lovely people coming to stay, Isabelles Birthday is on friday,I can not believe she will be 7 years old, and St Patricks Day is on Saturday and then it is a Bank holiday weekend, Phew!
We always go to the parade in a  very small town nearby  which seems to show more tractors and proud farmers than anything else!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Laundry Day.......

 Who loves a basket full of dirty laundry? well not me!
But sometimes when it is pretty sheets drying on a line, or pastel baby
clothes all lined up, that makes me smile!

My clothes dryer in the snug

Cath kidston pillowcases  on laundry day
We do not have a tumble dryer instead we have an old traditional Sheila maid clothes dryer which has a wood burning stove underneath. It is in the snug, so the smell of laundry detergent with turf burning is so good.
So here are some pictures of my clothes dryer. The only thing is you have to check your knickers are not suspended in the air when you have visitors!