Friday, March 23, 2012

Country Cottages and flowers..........

A cottage is what comes to mind when you think of living in the countryside whether it is a pretty cottage in a coastal village in Cornwall
a stunning thatched cottage in Brittany, France or here in Ireland.

Our cottage is warm and comforting in the chilly months of winter and then in the summer it is cool and airy. I have half doors, these are great for letting a lovely warm summer breeze through the house but naughty chickens and nosey ducks can not wander in!

Spring in my garden

My thatched cottage and my naughty chickens


  1. Oh dear Denise, your home is SO CHARMING. Very few people can live is an authentic thatched cottage, and HERE YOU ARE! And I love half doors. But we here in America have many PESKY BUGS that fly into the house that I did not SEE in France and Italy when I was there. Therefore, the charm of half doors or SCREENLESS windows is possible on your side of the world, but only a dream for us!


  2. I just adore your cosy little cottage! I dream of living somewhere like that and to have chickens wandering in and out.
    One day,maybe.....?
    I hope you have a lovely weekend.We are having a warm spell,hooray! :0)

  3. Love the half doors and the chickens, don't think I could handle the tatched roof though.

    Have a good weekend.