Thursday, March 8, 2012

Laundry Day.......

 Who loves a basket full of dirty laundry? well not me!
But sometimes when it is pretty sheets drying on a line, or pastel baby
clothes all lined up, that makes me smile!

My clothes dryer in the snug

Cath kidston pillowcases  on laundry day
We do not have a tumble dryer instead we have an old traditional Sheila maid clothes dryer which has a wood burning stove underneath. It is in the snug, so the smell of laundry detergent with turf burning is so good.
So here are some pictures of my clothes dryer. The only thing is you have to check your knickers are not suspended in the air when you have visitors!


  1. Oh I've always wanted one of those clothes dryers,but our kitchen is too small and my husband,being 6ft 4in would get caught up in the washing! I love the smell of sheets fresh from the line.I expect you've got some ironing to do now! :0)

  2. Sweet Denise!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE the name of this charming little cottage room...a SNUG. I have never heard of that, but how LOVELY! I remember my mother hanging the laundry out on the line as I was growing up in sunny, hot California. Funny, I can smell the scent as I write this and think about it....thank you for that memory.

    HUGS! Anita

  3. Hello there Denise! Thank you for coming to visit with me and meet me. Oh, I love all the simplicity and "purity" of Potter's works. She observed well and was true to the form of each of her subjects and simply put little clothes on them...genius.

    Enjoy your weekend and YES, that beach in Greece? A MUST SEE!!!!!! Anita

  4. It all smells as fresh as a daisy! and the sun is actually shining!! Hooray,

    Sarah -x-