Monday, April 30, 2012

Inspire me........its Monday.....

I love reading magazines I have my favourites and when I have read through a really gorgeous one it inspires me to jump up and sort out my house, but now I do not need as many magazines as all I need to do is sit and look at Pinterest for five mins, yesterday I was fantasizing about having a lovely shabby chic porch overlooking the open fields the type you have sofas and rocking chairs, anyway this morning I looked at just lovely kitchens so in a minute you will find me trying to spruce mine up!!

Oh I must clean the windows too......

My dream porch 

Then off for a nice walk in the countryside, if the rain clouds move on! I hope you have a lovely day, and thank you all for your comments, they put a real spring in my step!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Evening at Apple Blossom Barn

Hello there
Do you sometimes feel there are not enough hours in the day
between all the housework, running the kids about, doing homework
feeding animals
making meals
laundry and all the rest..........
sometimes it is just nice to sit and paint a wicker basket ahem!
Ok I am just avoiding house work anyway
add linen lining, sew on a duck egg blue trim
it looks much nicer now
oh and it has wheels so
the kids climb in and pull each other about!

My cottage at evening time

Lots of tea lights

My home is 301 years old
all the walls are uneven,
floors slope
but it is home..
can you spot our wedding photo
Best wishes
to all......

Monday, April 23, 2012

Farmyard friends.........

We have had  some new babies, 4 little foals and 3 new fluffy baby chicks
I hope you enjoy looking at them as we have been very excited here
with the chicks chirping and the little foals scampering about the fields.

Blue hyacinths 
Where is my cup of tea?

Better get the washing off the line
Another baby horse any day soon
duck egg blue
I have a pair of mini call ducks, they are tiny but make the most noise ever, anyway this is an egg from the female one it is tiny a bit bigger than your thumb nail, the kids are hoping for a teeny tiny clutch of mini ducklings this summer and so am I!

Hope you have  a good Monday!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Make and do.....

I have been doing lots of sewing in the last few days on my little sewing machine with a view from my window of  the Connemara Ponies and four new foals, so beautiful to watch.
Then yesterday I put my back out while changing a slipcover on a sofa, I would love to say it was while
horse riding or swing dancing! Ha ha!

                                                               Any way I am reading
                                                             "When God was a rabbit"
                                                                    By Sarah Winman
                                            It is funny and heart breaking in equal measure.
                             What do you love reading! What is your favourite book ever ever!

I would love to know............................

Enjoy your day, drink lots of tea and treat yourself to something yummy!

Monday, April 16, 2012

A little bit of Cath Kidston......

Hello Everyone, here is a peep at my Cath Kidston wallpapering antics as promised...........
This bedroom overlooks the thatch roof of the cottage
Bedroom in the eaves of the barn
Barn cath Kidston Wallpaper

More Cath Kidston on my caravan door!

Good morning Happy Campers!

I hope you are all well on this Monday Morning, it is a bit of a dull day here, Jack and Isabelle are back to school today! So these are some photos of what I have been up to, poor Kevin and Jack even on holidays in the caravan they are surrounded by all things flowery, I can not help it! Its an obsession!
Please do have a look at all the new items in my shop

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cath Kidston is love....

Hello there I hope you all had a lovely Easter break. The last time I was in the Cath Kidston Shop,I just got over excited, so many things I want and need! I normally get palpitations, I do not know what to choose! Anyway I brought home some of the rose bud sprig wallpaper, so I have been busy, wallpapering the little bedroom in the eaves of the barn, I will show you soon!

So the kids are on holiday until next Monday, Isabelle is having a ball we have 3 pretty french girls staying in the Barn, Isabelle thinks they are the height of sophistication, and greets me with "bonjour" all the time and wants her hair like the 10 year old french girl. Jack has not even noticed them, girls are not on his 8 year old radar, that will change someday! Better get back to this pretty Cath kidston Wallpaper I plan on doing some in my little caravan too!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter to you all........

This is the prettiest flower Shop in Galway It is YES Flowers on Middle Street
can you see the giant bunny in the window?

Issy My Girl

Jack and Isabelle at the lake

Jack the sailor
Arent these the sweetest? there is a chocolate egg in the ducks tummy.

My hens are on egg production overdrive, you go girls!

Another window of Yes Flowers 

So have a lovely weekend everyone, we are having an Easter Egg Hunt to celebrate, so lots of yummy chocolate!