Monday, April 23, 2012

Farmyard friends.........

We have had  some new babies, 4 little foals and 3 new fluffy baby chicks
I hope you enjoy looking at them as we have been very excited here
with the chicks chirping and the little foals scampering about the fields.

Blue hyacinths 
Where is my cup of tea?

Better get the washing off the line
Another baby horse any day soon
duck egg blue
I have a pair of mini call ducks, they are tiny but make the most noise ever, anyway this is an egg from the female one it is tiny a bit bigger than your thumb nail, the kids are hoping for a teeny tiny clutch of mini ducklings this summer and so am I!

Hope you have  a good Monday!


  1. Aren't you lucky to live with these lovely animals (and the lovely kitchen table). I imagine visiting you to be like stepping into a different, better world.

  2. This is so comforting to me right now Denise, you do not even realize. I so love horses, the open fields of green and the cottage look. I am grateful for all that I have, but I so love the European countryside and God only knows that all I want to do is touch a white horse!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SO SWEET and your little freckled Irish boy is just a beautiful sight.

    Much love Anita

  3. Oh what an adorable little chick ! You are so lucky to have these beautiful animals in your lives. :0)

  4. How chicks and foals all that new life...perfectly Spring...I see you are also being rain's dreadful here today..I don't fancy my trip into Tunbridge Wells much...wish me luck, tee hee,

    Sarah -x-

  5. I need to come and stay at Apple Blossom Barn! The foals are lovely, I'm always amazed at how they walk on their extra long baby legs!!
    We are having some eggs delivered to school this week and hope to have a few chicks by Friday. I work in a city school and, for most of the children, it is the only opporunity they have to come into contact with baby animals so they get very excited xx

  6. Just found your lovely blog, its so beautiful, will be back!
    Am clicking straight on the follower button as soon as i finish
    this comment :)
    Karen x

  7. Wonderful images especially of the horses and the storm coming in!

    I am featuring our friend, Designer and Paper Artist Anita Rivera from Castle Crowns and Cottages on my site! She is amazing!

    Art by Karena

  8. Aaawwww - how cute, but would you look at that rain cloud.

    Nina x

  9. Ah, loved seeing the little fluffy chicks and the sweet foals! Your table looks very pretty with those lovely florals, and especially with a little chick on it too!
    Helen x