Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A dream come true.....

How happy is this work of art?
By Isabelle age 6.

It is our family, Mummy Daddy Jack and Issy.

Now it is not our house, as you know we live in a Thatched Cottage
but my little girl has her dream of living in a 2 story pink house
and why not!

I have had a dream since I was a little girl to have an Aga range as the heart of my home,my granny had a lovely warm range in her country kitchen and my dream has come true, now it is not plumbed in yet
but I can not wait for my first day of baking with my Aga!
My butchers block with spring flowers

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So hope you all have a lovely day!
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Monday, February 27, 2012

All is busy at Apple Blossom Barn

Hello! I am back again!
I am having laptop problems, that I thought had been resolved but it looks like a new laptop is needed.

All has been busy here at Apple Blossom Barn, with the kids off last week on their mid term break, the pigs have moved into a new area of the garden, I have had lots of family to stay and have been on a spring clean and sprucing things up with a spot paint.

Almost all my daffodils are in bloom, and they are a really soft lemon colour so when I come down the lane it is a lovely welcome!

I have been changing things in my kitchen, so here are some of the inspiring kitchens that I have been drooling over!

My window seat is finished thanks to Kevin

One of the cushions that I made with Cath Kidston fabric
I have been busy making cushions these ones are for my Mum for Mothers Day!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Spring Time.......

 The first day of Spring is often debated is it February 1st or March 1st
one of the first signs of spring is bird song and I have the window open and I can hear them singing away, also one of the first signs of spring is
frog spawn, now apparently that also has been spotted, I will take their word for it, I have no plans to look for frog spawn.

Anyway it is a really mild bright morning here in the west of Ireland, the little red tractor is
belting up and down my lane as lambing season is on its way.

No sign of any egg laying from my chickens I must have a word with them.
Spring must seem a long time away across the water in the UK with all the snow that has fallen, so wrap up well and stay indoors safely!

 My new Cath Kidston Teacosy it has put a smile on everyones face when  I pour them a cuppa