Monday, February 6, 2012

Spring Time.......

 The first day of Spring is often debated is it February 1st or March 1st
one of the first signs of spring is bird song and I have the window open and I can hear them singing away, also one of the first signs of spring is
frog spawn, now apparently that also has been spotted, I will take their word for it, I have no plans to look for frog spawn.

Anyway it is a really mild bright morning here in the west of Ireland, the little red tractor is
belting up and down my lane as lambing season is on its way.

No sign of any egg laying from my chickens I must have a word with them.
Spring must seem a long time away across the water in the UK with all the snow that has fallen, so wrap up well and stay indoors safely!

 My new Cath Kidston Teacosy it has put a smile on everyones face when  I pour them a cuppa


  1. Oh dear...this is divine. Typically for us here in Minnesota, we are one of the coldest states. But this year, no snow and warmer than average temperatures are bringing on the spring feeling much sooner and I am loving all of your images here sweet Denise! COLORS and ANIMALS and tastes of Spring are making me feel REALLY HAPPY!

    Thank you for the inspiration! Anita

  2. I can hear the birds tweeting at the bird feeder as I write.Your delightful Springy pictures are cheering me up on this cold,snowy day,and your tea cosy is adorable!

    Have a wonderful week! 0)

  3. Hello sweet friend!

    Oh there are so many Irish writers and artists, stories and art that just capture my soul, and GBS is one of them! Thank you for visiting and enjoy that sunshine! Our city workers are outside at the moment, trimming trees. This is STRANGE! It is not usually until April that they do that!!!!

    LOVE! Anita

  4. It's not at all spring-like here - and the hens are pretty unhappy about the snow, too, poor things!

    Pomona x

  5. Hi Denise!
    I think it is a little way from Spring here in my part of the US too. I wish I was there for lambing season---I adore sheep and have been trying to talk my husband into a little flock of my own for years. His grandfather was a sheep man and had many large bands (which is what there are called here in the western part of the US)
    My husband has no interest what so ever...but I still dream : )
    I love to watch the little lambs frolic around in the grass together.

    I love your darling bunting in your last post. You have such a beautiful kitchen. It looks so warm and cozy too.
    hugs from here...

  6. Wonderful, colourful spring pictures! The new ck tea cosy is would make me smile too!
    Enjoy your week.
    Helen x

  7. I love all your spring pictures. They have really cheered me up. Thanks!