Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cabbages and roses

I am a huge fan of British Designer Christina Strutt's Cabbages and Roses and as you know I make bespoke Lampshades and using her fabrics is a pure joy so here are some Cabbages and Roses eye candy!!

Cabbages and Roses Raspberry Hatley

Cabbages and roses New Penny blue

Anyway have a lovely day where ever you are and I post my lampshades worldwide or just down the road so just drop me a line appleblossombarn@gmail.com...


  1. Good morning Denise dear!

    You are an artist my friend, a sheer artist!!! The fabric MUST be a delight to work with and don't you just get a rush of excitement when you see how wonderful your work comes out? The colors are so fresh and beautiful and I know go well in your sweet cottage!

    I hope your weather is good; we had a bad heat wave rip through here last week but we have cooled down to around 85 degrees farenheit. It was AWFUL!

    BE WELL and continue to enjoy your summer! Anita

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous!!~
    Beautiful job!!
    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. Well, after falling in love with these lampshades in your pictures and deciding I would probably be asking to buy one in the future, it does appear I have just bought one off you!!! LOL. A beautiful New Penny lampshade on Ebay last night and there in the email.... 'tis you!! I was lusting and thinking of the matching pair too but decided to be good (for once!).

    This is going to add the finishing touch to my shabby chic bedroom just so. Beautiful!

    Best wishes to all at The Apple Blossom Farm xXx

  4. Good morning precious Denise!

    Thank you for coming to visit with me; I am SO looking forward to visiting with my old school mate! Hoping your summer is WONDERFUL! Anita

  5. Gorgeous makes! I adore Cabbages and Roses too, and the delicate colours work so well on your lovely lampshades.
    Wishing you a happy week, Denise.
    Helen x

  6. Thank you for dropping by.So sorry you're poorly, hope you get better very soon.Your lampshades are very,very pretty,just my style! Hope the sunshine comes your way soon,I hear it's not very good weather over there. :0)

  7. beautiful pillows, Came over from Pinterest via FB.