Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Room to Inspire.......

Hello I do hope everyone is well?
We have had some really wonderful Autumnal days the last while
Sunny days with bright blue skies
crisp misty evenings with amber sunsets
then this morning is dull grey no not  nice grey like french grey
so I need to be inspired as I am off to the paint shop
so this afternoon you will find me collecting the children from school with paint in my hair no matter how
careful I am it always happens.....

So Have a lovely day I hope you enjoyed some of my favourite rooms...


  1. Oh Denise, HOW COZY IS THIS! Thank you for making my visit here so special. I love EVERY SINGLE PHOTO! I am glad to hear you are well. Once the kids get back to school, it gets really busy!

    Off I go now on a substitute teaching assignment for the day! Anita

  2. Oh Denise! HOW FUN to have this long distance connection of inspiration and friendship! THANK YOU for coming to visit me! The wind is howling here and it is LUSCIOUS and BEAUTIFUL! BE WELL! Anita

  3. I'm loving these neutrals at the moment! My living room is all beige, cream and white - with a hint of black! However, the rest of the house is blue, pink, green and red! lol!

  4. Me too Denise! No matter how careful I try to be, I end up with it on me somewhere...or everywhere : )
    Beautiful, beautiful images!
    Have fun painting!!!
    sending hugs...

  5. Paint is a bit like sand, it gets everywhere! love these rooms I wish they were all rooms in my house! have a lovely day sweetie :)

    Bee happy x

  6. I love that long, wooden table with the slender candles and autumnal display. So natural and delicate...

    It's good to dream, isn't it? I hope the painting went well.


  7. Such magical images...and great ideas. I love your idea of painting...pure joy! Cozy up my friend.

  8. DENISE! I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH! I know you must have a lot to do with the family, but your kind visit last night is much appreciated! I live in the MIDWEST, far from any seashores so we are fine. But our dear neighbors in the east are experiencing the worst catastrophe I have seen. Thank you for your kind prayers and thoughts for our brothers and sisters in New Jersey, New York and in the surrounding states. Be well dear cottage dweller and friend! Anita