Friday, December 7, 2012

Santa's naughty list.......

So sorry I been a very bad blogger recently I will be on Santa's NAUGHTY LIST I had better make improvements at once otherwise there will be nothing for me under the tree.

I have been busy doing my orders of Lampshades which I just love doing sending my lampshades all over the world it is a lovely feeling that someone somewhere might be tucked up on a sofa reading a book with one of my lampshades lit up beside them!

My Bedroom painted armoire and bed

I added decorative mouldings

painted radiator cabinet and mirror

Jessie asleep beside the wood burning stove

 I have made a few changes about the cottage lots of furniture make overs with Annie Sloan Chalk paints and waxes, My favourite colour is Paris Grey so lovely to use here is a peak at some of my work.
 I hope you are all enjoying getting ready for christmas,in our house the kids have sent their letters to Santa, I have started my mission of finding the perfect mince pie it is a tough job but someone has to do it YES I will soldier on.....

Oh before I go I had to share this, Isabelle and I had a lovely day out shopping in Dublin and we spotted this
cheeky sign outside a gorgeous shop it made me laugh!!!!
                                                          Have a lovely weekend


  1. I love the glimpses of your house, Denise. It's so consistently charming. Good to hear the lampshades are doing well for you.

  2. Oh how I missed you Denise! YOU ARE BACK! Oh do I know the meaning of BUSY THESE DAYS! But it is all good. So wonderful to see you and the cottage! HAVE FUN! Anita

  3. Ahh My Moms mince pie was the best in the world. They are easy to make and of course, must be served with homemade hard sauce.

  4. Your home is so beautiful! love your paint colour choices :) the sign is great, I love it! have a happy weekend sweetie

    Bee happy

  5. DARLING DENISE! HOW WONDERFUL TO SEE YOU AGAIN! I know that many people are so busy, and this new year has started out as an exhausting one for us all. I so miss your posts! THANK YOU for your kind words and visit. I so hope you are well. Be happy, love life, carry on! Anita