Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Aga joy

Hello all I hope you are all well wherever you are It is a dull windy wet day here in my part of Ireland
But the daffodils are doing their best to show me that spring is around he corner but at the moment it feels like a really big corner!!
But I am in love yes head over heals my 70 something year old AGA is finally installed she is a joy warming
the kitchen, warming up little ones pyjamas and slow cooking heart warming comforting stews
It will take a time to get used to her ways especially with baking so if any one can share  some aga friendly
recipes that would be great!

My Springer Spaniel Jessie

Oh and did I need to mention that all dogs love an Aga.........


  1. Hello!

    Corr, what a smashing AGA, Jessie looks very cosy, it does seem to be a popular spot for our canine friends.

    I'm brand new to this blogging business but I love yours, such delightful photos.

    Have fun cooking up a storm!

    Beckah X

  2. Oh how lovely, and what a beautiful kitchen! My Ruby would love to sit by an Aga, I'm sure ...

    Have a warm and wonderful Wednesday

    Love, Claire xxx

  3. I have said to my hubby...when we move to my dream country cottage (well you've got to have a dream haven't you?) the three things I MUST have are...a woodburner,a butler sink and an Aga.Yours is gorgeous!

  4. Oh you lucky girl! I can almost feel the warmth coming from it and filling your home.
    Jessie looks like one happy dog!

  5. I have an ancient four door AGA and I love it. I use it so much. My favourites at the moment and drying out sliced red onion. Spread them out with some oil and bake until they crisp up. I then keep them in some tupperware to sprinkle through salads during the summer.