Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whiter than White...............

Today it is pouring rain, everything is grey outside, so I will be taking some bright and happy
looking fabric, and sitting at my sewing machine. I am going to make some cushion covers for
my little caravan, simple envelope cushions, I decided a while ago that life is too short for
driving myself mad with fiddly zips!

So on such a dreary grey day I am adding some bright fresh white


  1. TELL ME...IS THAT YOUR HORSE?????? I love white horses, and this guy is so beautiful with a chandelier next to him/her!!!

    Denise, I love your outlook. So it is dreary outside....BUT YOU are making it SUNSHINE within you, and your caravan!

    HAVE FUN and oh, I so love that horse! Anita

  2. We have had 4 days of rain here to my friend, looking forward to summer returning soon. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Always Wendy

  3. Rain hit Dublin around 3pm. Wind is rattling the bins. I am ment to be comming up with an idea for tomorrow nights competition in the flower club and getting nowhere.

    Thank you for the cheerful pictures.

  4. OH DENISE!!!! THIRTY PONIES coming to your fence??? Now that is a magical treat! You should have seen the HUGE horse book a student of mine brought to share today to class. I LOVED IT!!! How enchanting dearest that you can see nature at this level. I have wild bunnies in my yard, and that is quite phenomenal considering I live in the city!!!

    Enjoy your Thursday dear Denise! Anita

  5. Love your blog! Beautiful pics x

  6. White is a perfect color for a dreary January day!

  7. Just what I needed to cheer up my day.

    Have a lovely weekend and I hope the grey clears.

    Nina xxx

  8. Love all the beautiful clear white pictures! Just right to chase away the grey gloomy light of today!
    Hope you have some sunny days this week.
    Helen x

  9. Such pretty photos...I do love white! All white with a pop of colour here and there makes me happy. Our days are grey as was a good one to cozy up. xoxo Hugs

  10. what a beautiful post. I love the white bed against the white floors. And thank you for the kind comment about the headboard on my blog header. I have a pair of them for my two girls. I found them at a flea market and painted them white. They are my post prized possession.