Monday, January 16, 2012

Cath Kidston = Love

My Cath Kidston Dab radio cost a fortune, and I cant get Dab here on the west coast

but it looks pretty!

This is a book bag I made for Issy last week it has a bunny on it.

My Dresser

My kitchen cupboard with Cath Kidston cups

My Kitchen window with a chickens rear end adding interest while I do the dishes..

Cath Kidstons designs are

a ray of sunshine

Doing the dishes

in this kitchen

would be no chore

Off to bed early

under a spotty eiderdown

and a good book

A special treat on a grey day

We are all going on a summer holiday.........

A cup of tea in a bright and cheery

CK tea cup with a cream bun...

Cath Kidston = LOVE LOVE LOVE

Do you love all these things too?

I would love to hear from you!

Best Wishes


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  1. Good morning sweet Denise! I LOVE YOUR WORLD OF COLOR AND FUN!!!! I am running off to school now, but let me just tell you that this post is HAPPY AND FULL OF HOPES FOR SPRING!!!!!!! Enjoy your day, Anita

  2. What a wonderful blog you have! I am such a Cath-o-phile! You have such beautiful things and I love those florals.

  3. Hi Denise, Love the photos, all that lovely happy colour.

  4. Love your Kidston style and the Kidston photos. Makes for a happy passionate home :)

    Thank you for sharing your passion :)

    Thank you also for making time to visit me over at my place best of all taking the time to leave a comment.


  5. yep! i'm right here with you! my heart races when i see cath kidston stuff! i just placed an order and am still a bit guilty over the shipping. it was a weak moment! :) i know, however, that i will prize what arrives.

    your home is delightful!


  6. Good morning pretty friend! These designs gently call out LOVE and Spring to me! Thank you for coming by with such sweet words. Enjoy your day, Anita

  7. Hi Denise,
    Gorgeous photos!!
    I love her bright and cheery fabrics and accessories, it really does brighten up the darkest of days!
    Love the photos of your beautiful home as well!
    Hope you have a beautiful day!

  8. I love Cath Kidston and her joyful use of color!

  9. Oh how I love her....wish we had her stores in Canada! Sending you oodles of joy as you dance around your sweet sweet world today...I love your shelf filled with CK joy. HUgs.

  10. Lovely pics, I e had to go for grey polka dot catch kidston bed linen or else my husband goes mad with everything becoming to "flowery"!!
    Ella xx