Thursday, May 10, 2012

I dream of Summer...........

Where is Summer?

This morning the rain is pouring and it is dull and grey. The dogs are refusing to get out of bed. The chickens are staging a meeting under the little old caravan, they do not like to get their feathers wet, they like to look their best at all times! Only the ducks are out.

So I need blue skies and a warm summer breeze, come on Summer! I hope the sun is shining wherever you are! Oh and I have decided to do that twitter thing, I know but I am always late for everything, who should I follow? can you recommend anyone, will I follow you?


  1. Oh dear one, I too am ANXIOUS for summer to come, but I am waiting for that last day of school! Our weather has been FABULOUS; it has been raining consistently at NIGHT and giving us beautiful, lush and sunny days!

    These photos are exciting as they do evoke a sense of JOY over summer. YOU WILL GET YOUR BEAUTIFUL BLUE SKIES SOON! And Twitter?I have NO idea how to use it!!!!!! I too am always late when it comes to technology!

    Do enjoy this Mother's Day weekend with your family!!! Anita

  2. Hi Denise! You know, I have "stalked" your blog for ages now and have some many pins on my Pinterest boards from you... all the while I never knew you were only up the road in Galway! Sure I'm only below in Limerick!

    It's very exciting to "meet" another Irish blogger. Your house is stunning and your creations are simply wonderful! Here's hoping the weather picks up and we can enjoy the outdoors for a change!

    Pop over my way if you like, I'd love you to stop by! Hazel xxx

  3. If you find the sun please send it east, still raining in Dublin. Things are bad when I end up spending the day ironing.

  4. Raining here too but your lovely post has added a drop of sunshine to my day - gorgeous images xx

  5. Oh how I love that little shelter with the comfy pillows! What a perfect place to drink in some tea and THINK!

    Thank you precious Denise, for your lovely words. You are also a beautiful gift to YOUR CHILDREN!!! ENJOY THE WEEKEND! Anita

  6. We have had such beautiful weather in NC with rain at night and gorgeous blue skies during the day...sending sunshine your way. Adore the image with the trellis daybed...fabulous!! Happily following your blog ~

  7. Hello, we have gone all weekend without any rain! :0))))
    I love all the pictures!

    Lou xxx

  8. Check out my blog sweetie :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. Just discovered you through Deborah from Bee Happy ...
    congratulations on your lovely win, I love your blog! Have a nice week, Claire xx

  10. Hello. Just been reading through your lovely blog. Hoping to come and stay with you in July. How could I resist Apple Blossom Barn??! I am on Twitter and would love to follow you and suggest a few people. What is your twitter ID? I'm @ninimpb. Looking forward to our visit and keeping fingers crossed for sunshine!