Saturday, May 5, 2012

A busy little bee.......

I have been busy this week freshening things up a bit and painting and sewing
Summer is on its way and we all need a boost of energy

So new shower curtains and some Cath Kidston Washed Roses fabric on the roman blind
in the worlds smallest bathroom, what can you expect in a cottage, there were no walk in wardrobes
and ensuites in 1711 when it was built, oh well!

Cabinet with Cath Kidston fabric

So pink sugar paint to add a little sweetness, as I painted this old chair and

Cabbages and Roses Cushion 

                                                          this gate!

And made lots of cushions for my shop.....

Cushion with Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley Fabric

We even had a little sunshine

Cushions made with Kate Forman Cameo and Ribbons Fabric

Kate Forman fabric Cushion made by me

Pretty cushion

So have a lovely weekend wherever you are......


  1. Good morning precious Denise! I LOVE YOUR COTTAGE....end of story.

    YOU HAVE THE PERFECT SITUATION! Thank you for the sunshine this morning my dear! Anita

  2. How pretty your gate looks painted pink! You have made some lovely cushions this week. I love the Kate Forman fabrics. But most of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cabinet in your bathroom! Enjoy the weekend xx

  3. I so love this pink picket fence Denise! ANd you know, you are so right; my computer and I need a break!!! Once I get my pictures loaded however, (I HOPE THIS WEEKEND) I will put up my intended post! Thank you so much for coming by my friend! Anita

  4. Love the pink gate. Your bathroom might be small but I bet you don't have to stand in the bath to open the window.

    Have a good weekend.

  5. I love your bathroom...small it may be but it is delightful!
    I love the Kate Forman fabrics and your cushions are gorgeous.
    From your pictures it looks like you are having nice weather over there.Please send some this way!
    Have a happy weekend. X

  6. Oh my goodness, everything looks absolutely beautiful!!~
    Your cottage is amazing!!! And I can't believe it's that old!! What a wonderful piece of history that you are fortunate to live in!!~
    Hope you have a lovely day!

  7. Love love the pink gate! Mine is boring white, so I'm putting "painting the gate" on my to do list. Thanks for the great idea! xoxo Jean

  8. You have some beautiful things here sweetie, just adore your pink gate! the chair also looks amazing :) have a happy week sweetie

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. Love the pink chair and the pink gate, and your pretty cushions! You have been busy!
    Have a happy day!
    Helen x

  10. Your home is so pretty! You lucky thing. That pink gate is perfect.

  11. Congratulations, Denise, on your Bee Happy giveaway win!!! I love your cheery. Your pillows are very pretty.

    Enjoy a wonderful day,