Saturday, December 10, 2011

O Christmas tree o Christmas la lala...

Today we are off to get our Christmas tree, I am really getting into all things festive now, once

the tree is up it will be all systems go. Now I am slightly nervous too, I have Christmas tree history, when Kevin and I moved into our first house, our first Christmas together, he bought the most ugliest tree ever grown, no matter which way I turned it was so wonky, all you could do was laugh.
Then one Christmas at our cottage, Kevin went to visit a neighbour who is a great friend and a bad influence, he came home with the biggest tree ever about 30feet and shockingly merry on whiskey, they had cut the poor tree down in the woods, lucky they did not saw off a few fingers!


  1. Good evening dearest Denise! Just stopping by again to wish you a WONDERFUL EVENING! Anita

  2. What beautiful "tree inspiration". We're putting ours up tomorrow. We've had trouble finding a time when everyone will be home at the same time :)
    30 ft! Wow!

  3. Lovely tree pictures. I hope you found the perfect one! have won the giveaway over on my blog...congratulations, Denise!
    Helen x

  4. Cute stories...we have had some tree trouble in the past as well...but this year our tree is perfect in everyway. Hugs and love to you....have fun. xoxox

  5. Hi,
    What beautiful images!! I just stumbled across your blog and so glad I did, it is so lovely!!
    I will definitely be back to visit!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!!