Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday morning inspiration

Yes monday morning inspiration is badly needed it is a dull grey day and when you live in an old cottage with tiny windows it is quite dark so I need some bright and breezy pictures to keep me going


  1. I have that old cottage with tiny windows thing going on in part of my house as well, but a cakestand always helps cure everything. It's nice to find a new blogger round the west of Ireland.

  2. Yes a full cakestand can cure all ailments known to womankind, it is lovely to get my first comment, and its lovely to meet a fellow blogger from the same part of the world, love all your cushions and your cream woodburning stove has me green with envy,

    Take care


  3. Lovely photos esp that bench in the sunshine :)

  4. Thank you Lorna oh and I was just lusting after all your lovely goodies on your website, I just love Greengate I have been collecting bits and pieces for years, I have my eye on those cute fabric birds and hearts, so sweet.

  5. I just found your blog and love it! What a beautiful home (and life) you have have. And I can totally relate to wanting the goats. We have a lot of ducks and hens and guinea fowl and I really want goats too.